Herbs Chopping Machine (Shredder)

Herbs Chopping Machine

Chopping machine / Shredder is extensively used in Ayurveda pharmaceutical industry for chopping / shredding hard wooden type herbs in dry state.

Machine is designed and fabricated for heavy duty purpose and is used impact shearing technology for shredding input material. High tensile special grade beaters with swappable cutting edges are used for long life.  The machine is robust design and can be run in continuous production plants. Output from Chopping machine can be directly taken for medicine preparation or can be taken for fine powdering in pulverizer machines.

Chopping machine can be run coupled with other size reduction equipment from single prime mover.

Chopping machine is available in three models in standard and are available in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel

Available Sizes:

Model Power Feeding Size Capacity
SM15 10 30×300 50
SM20 15 50×450 100
SM25 25 75×700 200